What We Can Do For Clients

Skills Testing

We offer an extensive library of computerized and paper tests developed for the workplace. You choose the test and we do the rest. Fees charged on a per test basis.

Temporary Staffing

Meet peak demands in work flow.
Meet emergency staffing needs.
Staff for seasonal employment or special projects.
Fill in for regular employees on vacation or leave.


Allows the employer to “audition” a potential employee by assessing his or her abilities, productivity, and interaction with current staff while on the job.
Saves you time and money by eliminating the lengthy recruitment process and leads to a more educated decision.

Direct Hire

Whether you are looking for top-notch administrative office support or a seasoned executive, we recruit to the skill level your job demands. Along with traditional recruitment methods, we have a network of established contacts from a variety of industries and occupations to assist us in locating the most qualified applicant for your job opening.

Client Referred Discount

Companies that need a seasonal, temporary worker, have another option available to them. They can send us a potential candidate that will complete our application, and after successfully completing our pre-employment screening process, the qualifying candidate becomes our employee, i.e., on our payroll, covered by our workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance. This spares the Client the hassles of paperwork and governmental reporting for seasonal, temporary workers. If you refer a potential candidate in this manner, they successfully complete our screening process and are on assignment at your company – you will get a discounted billing rate. Call for details.