Do I need a résumé to get a job?2016-11-07T08:33:01-07:00

Not always, but it sure helps. Some entry-level and short-term positions don’t require résumés. But many of the intermediate- and high-level openings do require a résumé or CV of some sort.

We encourage all applicants to create and bring in résumés to interviews, and our team of staffing coordinators is more than happy to give tips and pointers to maximize your résumé.

Do I need an appointment?2016-11-03T09:11:10-07:00

Yes, you’ll want to schedule an appointment at one of our seven branches. That way, one of our staffing coordinators will be able to meet with you directly and help set up your employment portfolio.

Are all your positions temporary only?2017-06-14T10:37:24-07:00

Some are, but a good number of the positions become more.  This is a way for companies to “try you out” to see if you will be a good fit for their long-term needs.  Many of our clients convert our employees after only a few short months of working via Blue Ribbon.  It’s a great way to get a foot in the door.

What kinds of jobs are available?2016-11-03T09:06:18-07:00

Blue Ribbon’s focus is primarily clerical and administrative. But we’ve staffed for various positions including warehouse work, labor, janitorial, bookkeeping, recreation, machining, customer service and many more.

And these positions range from entry level to advanced.

Why should I register with a staffing agency like yours?2016-11-03T09:13:12-07:00

As thorough as you might be in your job search, it’s impossible to keep track of every job opening out there for which you might be a good fit. While we can’t promise employment, Blue Ribbon can be another set of eyes and ears on the ground to match you with a promising job.

How does the whole process work?2016-11-03T09:04:33-07:00

It’s actually pretty simple. You register with us, and we go over your work experience, skill set and what you’re looking for in person. That way we get to know you much better than by just having your resume on file.

We’ll touch base with you if we have a position for which we think you might be a good fit. If selected, you’ll go through our own new-employee orientation and start work on assignment as an employee of Blue Ribbon. We handle all your timecards, paychecks and human-resource information while on assignment.

How much will I need to pay for your services?2016-11-03T09:28:32-07:00

Nothing! One of the biggest misconceptions about staffing agencies is that employees have to pay to use our services. All charges are handled between Blue Ribbon and the businesses that need employees. Nothing ever comes out of your pocket in order to get hired.