Safety Is In Your Hands – Keep hands out of harm’s way –

If you are unclear on a procedure or need additional explanation on how to do a job or task safely, ask your supervisor. Do not attempt a job you have not been authorized and trained and understand completely how to do.

Recognize the hazards of the job whether working with sharp objects, cutting tools, chemicals, pinch points and rotating machines or equipment. Follow safety procedures, even if you have “gotten away with short cuts before, log out tag out processes and machine guards are there for a safety reason. Even though a job may have its own hazards, safety principles should always be remembered and applied. Not following safety rules can lead to serious injuries to yourself and/or your coworkers.

  • Think through each job before you do it; then work carefully and deliberately. Do not rush your tasks.
  • Keep your hands away from rotating equipment and never use your hands to stop rotating parts, or put your hands near rotating parts.
  • When lifting a load, check under and around for protrusions, nails, splinters, screws, metal banding, broken glass, etc.
  • Watch your fingers and hands when lowering heavy loads; they could get pinched.
  • Keep your hands away from loads that are being moved mechanically.
  • Never use your hands or fingers to test the temperature of gases, liquids or machinery.
  • If you do injure your hand, get prompt treatment and report it to your supervisor immediately – no matter how small.

Your hands are like finely crafted tools of amazing strength and dexterity. Next to your brain, they are one of your most valuable tools. Protect them and keep them safe.